A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Code Quality and Maintainability

Tools Used for Coding Standards in Odoo: Ensuring Code Excellence

Developing custom modules or extending the functionality of Odoo requires adhering to coding standards to ensure code quality, readability, and long-term maintainability. In this blog post, we will explore essential tools developers use to enforce coding standards in Odoo. From popular linters like Pylint and Odoo Lint to code formatters and coverage tools, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the tools that streamline the development process and enhance code excellence in Odoo projects.

Structure of Module

Before delving into the tools, let’s briefly understand the structure of an Odoo module. An Odoo module comprises various components, including models, views, security rules, data files, etc. Each component plays a vital role in the overall functionality and behaviour of the module. Adhering to coding standards ensures consistency and improves the overall quality of the module.


Pylint is a powerful tool widely used for checking Python code against coding standards. To install and use Pylint in Odoo, follow these steps:

Odoo Lint

Odoo Lint is a specialized linter designed specifically for Odoo modules. It checks for compliance with Odoo’s coding standards and best practices. To install and use Odoo Lint, follow these steps:


A prospector is a comprehensive tool that combines multiple linters and static analysis tools to assess code quality in Odoo projects. To install and use Prospector, follow these steps:


Flake8 is a popular tool used for static code analysis in Python, including Odoo development. It detects errors, enforces coding style conventions, and evaluates code complexity. To install and use Flake8, follow these steps:


PyCharm is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) widely used by developers for Odoo development. It provides built-in support for coding standards, including code inspections, formatting, and code completion. Utilizing PyCharm’s features can significantly enhance your coding standards adherence.


Code coverage tools help assess the effectiveness of your test suite by measuring the percentage of code covered by tests. Integration of coverage tools like coverage.py into your Odoo development workflow ensures comprehensive testing and identifies areas that require.

additional test coverage.

Closing Remarks

Enforcing coding standards in Odoo is crucial for high-quality, maintainable modules. Tools like Pylint, Odoo Lint, Prospector, Flake8, PyCharm, and coverage tools streamline development, enhance code quality, and ensure adherence to best practices. Acespritech, a leading company in Odoo ERP solutions, offers quality services. Their expertise in Odoo development, customization, and implementation ensures meticulous adherence to coding standards. By partnering with Acespritech, businesses can expect scalable, efficient, and reliable solutions.

developed to the highest coding standards.


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