WooCommerce Product Question and Answer


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    • Let your users ask a question on specific WooCommerce products.
    • Let your users answer a question on the product page.
    • Manage easily questions and answers.
    • This plugin allows register customer of your shop to ask questions about products. Both admin
      and other register customer can answers to them and guest customer can see all question and answer
      of all product of your shop.
    • Work with simple product and variable products.

Avails logged-in customers to ask question and give answer about each product.

User can give multiple answers for one question for same login account.

It is working on simple product and variable product in WooCommerce.

No configuration needed! just install and it will start working from there, you can change the settings at any time though.

Product Edit Page

This plugin allows the customers to ask questions about each product in your store and any one can answers for those Questions and admin can delete/approve/disapprove answers and question both

Question and Answer Product Tab

Admin can enable Product Q/A tab in particular product page and disable for particular product page.

Admin can show list of question order by post date ,user name ,user email id and approve status.

Question List :

Question List

Answer List

Answer List

Admin can enable question and answer product tab for all product using WooCommerce – Setting – Products – Question and answer.

Enable Question and Answer Tab for all Product


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