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Django Rental Management

When you enter in the system you will be redirected to login page. If you are registered use then Sign In with your […]

Django Covid19 – Dashboard App

  Plotly made Covid19 Dashbaord app User can view all information User can view Bar Graph User can filter new case view User […]

Django Report App

  Report Details View : In Django app, we have provide 3 different types of report like CSV, PDF, EXCEL. If you need […]

Paypal payment gateway connection in Django

Use Paypal Payment Integration in Jobseeker Website We have implemented solution for allowing payment process via Paypal from Django. We are still improving […]

How to change default Python version in Ubuntu ?

Sometimes, you may require to change default python version of your linux operating system. you can accomplish it by using following steps. First […]

How to install python2.5 in ubuntu 11.04 ?

Today for some urgent programs, need to work in Python 2.5 in Ubuntu 11.04. But Ubuntu 11.04 is giving Python 2.7 by default. […]

How to create a module in OpenERP ?

It is very easy to create a module in OpenERP. Find the below displayed screens. We will code to result this output. Tree […]

How to convert *.pyc to *.py files ?

Before few weeks I required to convert *.pyc to *.py files for one of my python project so thought to share with others. […]