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Android Applications for Restaurant (Odoo V13)

  Cashier Application Main Screen Table Selection Connected Device Information Kitchen Orders Self Orders Created by Customers General Settings Printer Settings Payment Customer […]

iOS App : CRM for Odoo V13

Login     Side Menu     Contacts     Contact Details and Edit     Meetings     Create Meeting and Edit […]

iOS App : Point of Sale (POS) for Odoo V13

Login Sessions Side Menu New Order Set Discount Payment Product List Product Detail Customer List Customer Details and Edit Order List Order Details

Odoo POS Scale

  Features Scale Screen Multi Scale Screen Prerequisite Packages Open Terminal From “node backend” Folder in the App Folder. You can copy this […]

Odoo Human Resource Chrome Extension

  A chrome extension (browser extension), also called a plug-in, it enhanace browsing experience. This extension connects with Odoo ERP and simplify daily […]

Odoo Customer Feedback System

  Click here to download the module How to Use:- In Feedback > Configuration > Template, configure the template.. Into Template configure all […]

Android Tablet Application for Odoo POS

  Login Screen POS Opening Balance Customer Kanban View Customer List View Product Kanban View POS Main Screen POS Order List POS Payment […]

Product Expiry Report

Click here to download the module How To Use User need to enable Lots & Serial Numbers and Expiration Dates from Inventory/Settings/Traceability. After […]

Odoo Product Non Moving Stock

Click here to download the module Fetures Generate Non Moving Stock Report in PDF and XLS Files, Reports can also be send through […]

Odoo Agent Commission

  Click here to download the module Features Easy To Manage Agent Commission. Give commission to Agent. Commission calculation based on Product, Product […]

Odoo staff Android Application for Enterprise V12

  How to use User can login in app with Self hosted URL, Username, Password and Database. Odoo V12 Enterprise Instance is required. […]

Odoo CyberSource Payment Gateway

  Click here to download the module Features Ability to transact payments in over 190 countries and territories and fund in over 40 […]

Odoo POS Android Application for PDA with Barcode Scanner and Bluetooth Printer

Let’s see the video Odoo Login Page Odoo Customer Display Odoo Products Display Connect Bluetooth Printer User Languages Odoo POS Order List Odoo […]

Odoo website multi currency

  Click here to see the video Click here to download the module User can set multiple currency in website Admin setting. User […]

Odoo Point Of Sale Serial in v10

  Click here to see the video Click here to download the module Configuration for enable custom serial feature. List of available serial/lots. […]

Odoo Point of Sale – Quick Cash payment buttons

  Click here to download from Odoo Apps Before the configuration we have to create buttons for quick payment(It will pay as you […]

Odoo Website: Products available message

Click here to download from Odoo Apps Show available quantity message. We set stock limit in product categories. If user will not configure […]

Odoo Website: Product is out of stock

Click here to download from Odoo Apps If stock is not available then it will show the warning out of stock. If stock […]