POS For Restaurant

Restaurant Industry

Acespritech now offers a fully developed POS Restaurant system and Android app developed in the Odoo V13. This POS system does a fantastic job for the seamless working of the restaurants,
but it works online only. You can prepare versatile reports in this system, and its main features
offered include:

  • Provision of a loyalty program, gift card, and gift voucher
  • Details of order and product return
  • You can change the bill of the material and gets reports on money in/out of the drawer
  • RFID POS login
  • Details on product and kitchen screen, etc.

Best Features

Dashboard & Reporting

Inventory Management

Customer Retention Program

Payment Operations

Order Management

Table & Kitchen Management


Jach Smith

“I am using the POS system from Acespritech from the last couple of years. It provides improved control of my restaurant by offering better visibility of each order. The software is easy to use. I am delighted with it.”

Oliver Silva

“We are happy and impressed with the restaurant software from Acespritech. They have provided all the features under one umbrella. I highly recommend from value for money and seamless experience.”

William Gruber

“Acespritech’s POS system helps us to guests our customers quickly. The transmission of the order from guest to kitchen has become more smooth and quick. All our staff members using the software with ease.”