POS Customer Order Screen

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  • Send order to proxy device.
  • User can set properties of screen.
  • Customers can see their order on the screen with it’s status.


  • In module, “hw_customer_order_screen.zip”. Extract it and put it in order to
    receive data, you have to install on your proxy device. Proxy Device = POSBox

How to use

  • Configuration of customer screen.
  • Set proxy ip of devices.
  • You can set screen background,font family, spacing, slide interval, total order
    and screen type.
  • You can set height, width, color, font size and background color of order block
    and it’s title.
  • Select Whether you want to show order summary or details.


  • After setting configuration set url /point_of_sale/customer/screen.
POS First Order

POS First Order

  • Now set url /point_of_sale/customer/screen on browser.
  • This module will send order data to this url.
  • In order to receive data, you have to install hw_customer_order_screen module
    on your proxy device.
  • Below image shows orders when screen type is details.
POS Order Screen

POS Order Screen

  • Place second order and change state which effect will be shown in customer order screen.
  • POS Order 2

    POS Order 2

    POS Change State

    POS Change State

  • Here, order line color will be shown according to it’s state and order will blink when state is delivering.
  • POS Customer Screen

    POS Customer Screen

  • Below image shows orders when screen type is summary.
  • POS Order Summary

    POS Order Summary

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