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OpenERP Web: Enhancement in Gantt Chart

OpenERP webclient has many useful features like calendar, gantt chart, graph view. But, all these features are made as a generic way.
Recently we have come up with a new enhancement in Gantt Chart.
OpenERP default Gantt Chart has some limitation. So we simply tried to provide more detailed view using third party library.

Following screen shows default OpenERP Gantt Chart.

OpenERP Default Gantt Chart

OpenERP Default Gantt Chart

We are trying to provide Day, Month, Year wise data display in Gantt Chart that you can see in below screen. Here we have screen which allows us to select View.

OpenERP Gantt Chart View Options

OpenERP Gantt Chart View Options

If we select Year as an option, then Gantt Chart will display Year wise data.

OpenERP Gantt Chart Year View

OpenERP Gantt Chart Year View

If we select Month as an option, then Gantt Chart will display Monthly data as displayed in the screen below.

OpenERP Gantt Chart Month View

OpenERP Gantt Chart Month View

– Zoom In, Zoom Out
– Create, Edit events
– Drag & Drop
– Assigned, Unassigned tasks

Download Link:

  • Deven Shah says:

    Nice feature. Would be great, if tasks can be linked to each-other (as one task would start only after another is over).

  • Hello !

    We can not say anything about latest version of OpenERP. But it depends on your need. Some users are really happy with what OpenERP has already provided. So its always depends on your requirement.

    Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Hello !

    This module is developed for our specific client so we just have posted images in this blog about our development.
    We have not make this module available anywhere.

    Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Hello !

    This module is not related with existing module.
    We use third party library to develop this feature.

    Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • dhaman says:


    Nice modification….
    But how to install it ?
    i have install to my local OpenERP 7.0 but no effect occur

    Could you provide step by step to install this modification
    (sorry i am new in OpenERP :D)

  • Olivier R. says:

    Hi, your modification looks great. I tried to replace the web_gantt module file from my OpenERP install but then when clicking on the Gantt View button I had an object not found error in the web module. Do you have any tips on applying your patch to a v7 install of openerp ?

    Thank you !

  • OLIVIER says:


    According to the pictures, your module seems to be very close to what I need.
    I dl it from github, install it on a v7, but nothing has changed in the gantt view: no new option to zoom or dezoom..
    Could you explain how to install it ?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Hi, I’ve installed you module on Odoo 8.0-20150528 nightly build,
    but I see no changes in my gantt views, did I missed something, do I need some more adaptations on my views or other files ?

  • Myriam Cruz says:

    Hi, I install it in Odoo 8.0-11 but I can’t see the options available anywhere… Do I have to change something else?? Perhaps I need to update it to make it work with this version? I hope you can let me know where to do it… I’m new in Odoo but I’m familiar with Python, templates, xml, jquery, etc. I’ll be happy to share the change, thanks!

  • PiTyFox says:

    Hello, I installed it on openERP V7 and neither can I see any changes. I lack knowledge on JS/Qweb so I am quite lost. Any clue anyone?

  • pityfox says:

    Hello, I installed it on openERP 7 and neither can I see any changes. I lack knowledge on JS/Qweb so I am quite lost. Any clue anyone?

    • pityfox says:

      Alright it was just the folder name which differed from the module name called in the JS code. Easy fix : rename the module folder as openerp_gantt_chart_modification
      Thank you for sharing this, looks far sharper than the basic gantt chart!

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