OpenERP Point of Sale: Load products having quantity

OpenERP Point of Sale works fine in online and offline both mode. But just because of making it possible working in offline mode, OpenERP loads all the products at once.

In routine business, we have found such cases in which there are thousands of products. So it takes so much time to load all products when we start Point of Sale instance first time.
Its fine if OpenERP loads all products and takes more time but actually OpenERP loads those products also which has quantity ZERO.

We have implemented a small feature to come out from this problem. In this module, OpenERP will load only those products whose quantity is more than ZERO.

OpenERP POS Products

OpenERP POS Products

Her in above screen, we can see, there are few products having quantity is greater than ZERO so when we start Point of Sale, it will display only products having quantity > 0.

OpenERP POS with quantity > 0

OpenERP POS with quantity > 0

This will decrease extra loading time which is not required if product quantity is ZERO.


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