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Acespritech helps its clients with successful Odoo Migration. Our team makes sure your confidential data is migrated to the Odoo ERP system flawlessly.

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Connect Multiple Stores

Bring multiple e-commerce stores under a single roof. We will build a new store while keeping existing sites or stores up.

Import Contents

If you want your website content to be migrated from the older version to the current version, then we carry out seamlessly. Our Odoo ERP team will not lose even single information.

Track Mismatch Log

If there is any mismatch of data in your ERP system, then our advanced Odoo Data Migration service helps in tracking down the mismatch logistics and replacing it with the factual information.

Proven Techniques

For Odoo Migration, our Odoo ERP experts use advanced technology and tools that help in the proper migration of the company’s confidential data.

Import Customer Data

Our clients who are planning to get their customer data migrated to the newer version can avail our Odoo ERP migration service. We will maintain the confidentiality of your consumer data.

Automate the Jobs

Execute specific tasks on time with our automate jobs. Whether it is sending reminder emails, taking regular backups, or trigger any action in a particular event, our experts will automate your processes.

Acespritech’s Odoo Migration Services

Version Migration

Influence your business with the new features of Odoo. We can help you in migrating your existing Odoo application to the latest releases. Our expert will migrate each piece of information precisely. Also, customize your application if required.

Code Migration

Our experts will compare the functionality of existing and new modules. If we found any differences, then we will customize a new version to meet your business needs.

Data Migration

Data migration is a very critical part of any application that involves change. It does not matter the format of data or location. Our data experts use best industry practices and ensure to get all your data where it needs to be.

Ways to Migrate To Odoo Efficiently

We use two methods for Odoo Migration- one is Legacy Framework System, and the other is the Odoo Migration Version Upgrade. Let’s see both of them.

Converting Legacy Framework To ERP

Many businesses are going through modernized change because of the introduction of advanced technology, customer support, robust security, and intuitive user interface. The Odoo migration and enhancement increases the efficiency, responsiveness to the customer requirements, and employees’ productivity.

Odoo Migration Version Upgrades

Acespritech team helps in a seamless migration upgrade without causing any changes in the data. Our team will do a migration version upgrade in one-step instead of doing it sequentially. We will omit any unnecessary versions, and we will do a version upgrade of all the features. It can be public or private, customized, or even the GUI too.

Steps of Migration from Legacy System to Odoo ERP

  1. Acespritech team does not work with the Odoo ERP’s real server; we create the backup of the legacy framework.
  2. We use the “test-lab procedure” for accessing the Odoo ERP Migration system.
  3. We uniquely design the modules and re-make it so that they can be moved seamlessly.
  4. Our team carries out the data transfer as we relocate the details while taking care of any changes in the existing Odoo ERP “database foundation.”
  5. At last, we test the Odoo ERP when it is migrated from the legacy framework and fix it if any problems found.

When can Acespritech Begin Migration?

We will understand your requirements and business objectives in detail. Then, our experts will review your existing system and migration requirement. We will deliver a comprehensive report on our findings. Once you confirm, we will commence data migration. Let’s discuss your challenges.

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