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Acespritech provides third-party integration services with the already existing Odoo ERP modules to achieve business growth.

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Acespritech helps companies with third party integration with the existing technologies. It helps the client’s companies to cater to the business requirements. Moreover, by using vendor integration, one can get benefits like reduced workforce, reduced returning policies, time saver, and much more.

Even the Odoo Integration helps with the E-Commerce websites too. By making Acespritech your technical partner, you can get the automated business operations streamlined by upgrading with the latest ERP software without affecting the existing solution.

We carry out the integration process by using the web services and the rich API library. Acespritech also provides Odoo integration with payment gateways, social media platforms, and biometric devices.

Payment Gateway Integration

Acespritech is your one-stop solution for payment integration for your E-Commerce website and POS software integration too. We have a team of experienced Odoo experts that configures the payment gateways and let your customers choose the currency and the payment mode. We provide payment gateway integration with the famous gateways like PayPal, Visa Card, and Master Card.

We also offer security options that give peace of mind to your customers that they can make the payment without any reliability or security issues. Moreover, we use the authorized API integrations so that there is no occurrence of cybercrime. Our developers will take care of the backend and front-end system of your payment gateways.

Biometric Device Integration

We are a pioneer in integrating your enterprise solutions with advanced technologies. Acespritech uses the biometric device integration to automate the attendance taking feature in the organization devices. The Biometric Device Integration module designed by us is compatible with all the modern devices. It can encompass and facilitate the face and thumb detection of the organization staff. Even it fulfills the HR functions like keeping records of employees’ attendance and time stamping. This type of integration also provides transparency across the company’s work. It makes your job fast and reliable as everything is recorded right from the employees’ entry and exit time from the workplace. Acespritech provides Biometric Integration at competent pricing that will fit directly into your company’s budget.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is one of the dominant platforms to connect with business customers. Acespritech helps its clients by providing Odoo Social Media Integration solution. This powerful tool helps you to integrate all the data from your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn into one address book. You can channelize your target and potential customers. Even our module helps you to send personalized messages or e-mails to your customers according to the products mostly chosen by them. It will also help you by organizing personalized social media campaigns for targeted customers. Our Odoo Social Media Integration helps in managing overall social media engagement.

Odoo Services


We believe businesses should not change their processes to adjust the ERP software. Hence, we make Odoo flexible to match your unique business requirements.


We streamline the business process and provide cutting-edge solutions. Moreover, our flexible and proper functionalities help in the smooth implementation process.


We will carry out seamless and secure data migration without loosing your essential data. With our best-in-class approach, experience the pain-free migration while moving the database and whole system to a new level.


Our agile and robust business solutions help us to solve the most challenging situations and complexities that are hindering our customers’ growth.


We also provide Odoo training to the individual or corporate to support them in their growth. Our experts extend individual support to each trainee to help them excel.


Acespritech experts and consultants are known for providing emergency as well as full customer support to the clients, whether it is database upgrade, troubleshooting, or performance tuning.

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