Odoo CyberSource Payment Gateway


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  • Ability to transact payments in over 190 countries and territories
    and fund in over 40 currencies
  • Acceptance of universal cards, regional cards, and local payment
    types to maximize sales
  • Connections to approximately 100 acquirers/processors worldwide
  • Unparalleled processing scalability and security

How to use

Cybersource Credentials: Take Merchant ID, Cybersource Secret Key and put into CyberSource Payment Acquire in Odoo.

Acquire Form

User can manage the order flow from here.

Order Flow

Select Cybersource from payment methods and enter credit card detail here.

Payment Form

User can see confirm order detail here

Confirm Sales Order

Sale order has been confirm and create invoice and transaction entry

Sale Order

Invoice has been created

Invoice View

Payment transaction has been created with reference data

Transaction View


  • Is there a version of this app Cable for Odoo 10 enterprise running on Odoo SH?

    If not how much might a customisation of this app to run on Odoo 10 cost and how quickly could you develop it?

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