Maintain log of Product sale price in OpenERP…

Assume that we are running our business in OpenERP and managing all our processes in good way. We are selling products to our customers and update product price according to market. When we have started our business, we were sell product X in 10 USD but now we are selling the same product in 50 USD. It shows that our business is going good way and also getting new customers.

But we have one big question in our mind is that how this price has been changed from 10 USD to 50 USD means at what time we have changed price of our product. We have no track for this change. Just to overcome from this situation we have implemented a solution.

After installing module, you will see “Product Rate” menu at this location : “Configuration/Products”

Now select product that you want to configure. We have just added some prices as per date.
Latest price is selected according to last date.

Now just open product form. You will see “Update” button besides Sale Price field. User can also enter price manually. Sale Price will update from configuration table after click on “Update” button.


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