How to create database in OpenERP?

Are you beginner and taking babysteps in OpenERP? We can help you in the very 1st step. It’s all about database and it is the central component in ERp systems so lets learn on how to create database in OpenERP…

Before you create any database, you need to install OpenERP.To install OpenERP 6.1 and OpenERP 6.0 on Windows Vista and Windows 7 in 10 Minutes, You may like to visit How to install OpenERP 6.1 and OpenERP 6.0 on Windows Vista and Windows 7 in 10 Minutes.

Once you finish the installation process, Open WebClient by using the URL: http://localhost:8069/web/webclient/home

Click on the Manage Databases Link to create Database (PostgreSQL).

Manage Databases in OpenERP Web Client
Manage Databases in OpenERP Web Client

In Create New Database screen of OpenERP Web Client, Give New database name and Password and Click on Create.

Create Database in OpenERP Web Client

Create Database in OpenERP Web Client

It will take some time to create a new database; once the database is created you will be redirected to the web console of OpenERP.

OpenERP Web Console

OpenERP Web Console

Done!!! 🙂


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