How to create a module in OpenERP ?

It is very easy to create a module in OpenERP.

Find the below displayed screens. We will code to result this output.

Tree View

Form View

Few files needs to be created compulsory. We will take an example let say – “test_module”

First of all, we will see the architecture of a typical OpenERP module.

  3. Python files
  4. XMLFiles
    1. Actions
    2. Menu Entries
    3. Reports
    4. Wizards

All the modules are located in server/addons directory.

The following steps are necessary to create a new module “test_module”:

– create a subdirectory in the server/addons directory having module name test_module.

– create a module description file:

– create the Python file containing the objects.

– create .xml files that download the data (views, menu entries, demo data, …).

– optionally create reports, wizards or workflows.

We will see each files introduction one by one.

The file:

The file is, like any Python module, executed at the start of the program. It needs to import the Python files that need to be loaded.

So, if you create a “” file, containing the description of your objects, you have to write one line in


The file

In the created module directory, you must add a file. This file, which must be in Python format, is responsible to

  1. determine the XML files that will be parsed during the initialization of the server, and also to
  2. determine the dependencies of the created module.

This file must contain a Python dictionary with the following values:

"name" : "Test Module",
"version" : "1.1",
"author" : "Open",
"category" : "Test Base/Test Base",
"depends" : ["base"],
"init_xml" : [],
"demo_xml" : [],
"update_xml" : ["test_view.xml"],
"installable": True,
"active": True

The file

from osv import osv

from osv import fields

class test_base(osv.osv):

    ”’Test Base Class”’







The text_view.xml file

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>



       <record model=“ir.ui.view” id=“test_base_form”>

           <field name=“name”>test.base.form</field>

               <field name=“model”>test.base</field>

               <field name=“type”>form</field>

               <field name=“arch” type=“xml”>

                   <form string=“Test Base”>

                       <field name=“name”/>

                       <field name=“code”/>




        <record model=“ir.ui.view” id=“test_base_tree”>

            <field name=“name”>test.base.tree</field>

            <field name=“model”>test.base</field>

            <field name=“type”>tree</field>

            <field name=“arch” type=“xml”>

                <tree string=“Test Base”>

                    <field name=“name”/>

                    <field name=“code”/>




        <record model=“ir.actions.act_window” id=“action_test_seq”>

            <field name=“name”>Test Base</field>

            <field name=“res_model”>test.base</field>

            <field name=“view_type”>form</field>

            <field name=“view_mode”>tree,form</field>


        <menuitem id=“menu_test_base_main” name=“Test Base”/>

        <menuitem id=“menu_test_base” parent=“menu_test_base_main”

                  name=“Test Base” action=“action_test_seq”/>



  • Colin says:

    Great tutorial. How different is this process for OpenERP 7.0? -Thanks!

  • jyothish mohan says:

    while installing this module in openerp. the following error will be displayed File “C:\Program Files\OpenERP 7.0-20130509-231040\Server\server\openerp\addons\newm\”, line 6
    SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character ‘\x94’ in file C:\Program Files\OpenERP 7.0-20130509-231040\Server\server\openerp\addons\newm\ on line 6, but no encoding declared; see for details (, line 6)

  • chrisnlandu says:

    @jyothish mohan: I got a similar error message as you did. It happened to me as I copy/pasted the code given. It so happens that the code is not using the sign “. It is using another look-alike sign which is “. You will not notice it easily. Try zooming in on the page or this reply and you will see the difference. I am putting both here side by side ” “. You need to replace the one in the code with the one found on the keyboard which is ” (please enlarge to see difference).
    There is also one typo in; It references the file test_view.xml, but the author suggested to create a file called text_view.xml. This will give you an IOError of type “File not found…”. You need to have the same name in the reference as for the file.
    Next typo is still in file It says ”’Test Base Class”’. See how the ” and ’ are interchanged at beginning and end. First use the correct sign” and correct order like this ‘”Test Base Class”‘.
    Once you install this module, you should see the button TEST BASE on the top main menu bar. I am using OpenERP 6.1.1.
    Apart from that, thanks for the tutorial.

  • chrisnlandu says:

    Another typo is in file It says import Kindly change it to: import test_module

  • chrisnlandu says:

    I meant to say change it to import text_module

  • Reblogged this on Researcher's Blog and commented:
    How to create a module in OpenERP ?

  • jzarecta says:

    Someone told me on IRC that modules for 6.x are incompatible with 7.x is this true?

  • Atul jain says:

    thanx for your post

    it import without error but when i try to search and install from openerp window that time it was not found

  • diyaayesha says:

    when i implement your code and import like this import test_module
    then it shows me error
    Importing test modules … Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\eclipse-standard-kepler-R-win32\eclipse\plugins\org.python.pydev_2.8.2.2013090511\pysrc\”, line 432, in __get_module_from_str
    mod = __import__(modname)
    File “C:\Users\Ishtiaq\workspace\openerp-7.0-20130715-231029\openerp\addons\testmodulue\”, line 7
    fro osv import osv
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax
    ERROR: Module: test_module could not be imported (file: C:/Users/Ishtiaq/workspace/openerp-7.0-20130715-231029/openerp/addons/testmodulue/

    Ran 0 tests in 0.000s


  • ViSh KiStnah says:


    any chance of knowing for odoo 8 or 9?


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