Django Rental Management

When you enter in the system you will be redirected to login page.
If you are registered use then Sign In with your credentials.
Or “Create an account” if you are new user.

Fill this form for register yourself with the system.
First name, Last name, City, Street, Street1 are not mandatory.
Other fields are mandatory.
You cannot enter if email is already registered with us.
Password must be 8 character alphanumeric.
Username should be unique.

Page loads with default form.
Select Start Date and End Date.
Select Vehicle Class, VehicleType, Fuel Type and submit the form

Submitting form will show available list of vehicles.
Add one vehicle to cart

All added vehicle will be at cart.
User can edit or delete vehicle from cart.

Edit button will redirect user to Edit Cart page.
User can change vehicle by selecting new date, class, type or fuel
Update new vehicle from list.

Update button will change vehicle in cart.
Select vehicle to be book and make payment.

After clicking payment button you will redirect to payment gateway page.
Fill the details of payment card and proceed.

You will get this message if transection completes without any interruption.

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