Django Blog (VLOGER)


Welcome to the VLOGER. This website is built in Django which makes it secure and highly performative. Here Authors can create blogs effortlessly by using built-in templates or by customizing them.


  • Authors can create blogs effortlessly by customizing built-in templates.
  • The author has the right to show/hide comments.
  • The author can customize the “about author” page according to their need.
  • Search blogs by category, tags, author name, title, etc.
  • Regularly get a newsletter by subscribing to it.
  • Get notification from the following authors about a new blog.
  • Users can share blogs via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Email.
  • Admin can customize website view like change position of “widget area”, show or hide banners, etc.


This is the first page of the website, where the user will find all blogs from all categories


A user can find a particular type of blog by selecting a category.



Login with credentials or register to access other pages like the blog details, profile, followers pages


Once logged in, users have permission to read blogs and also search similar blogs by selecting from categories, tags, or specific keywords. Users can follow the author so they can get regular updates from the author. Furthermore, they can comment on the blog too.


By clicking on the ‘author’ the user can see more about the author and his/her other blogs.


The user can find uploaded blogs, followers, followings, etc. also can see the ‘about me’ page.


A user can see his/her followers and followings by clicking selecting it from the profile section.


Users can edit their personal details and public details. To edit it, the user can use built-in templates.


The user can create a blog by simply filling in these data. Furthermore, users have all rights to create their blog with different designs and structures or can use built-in templates.


The user can search any blog by its title, excerpt, content, or author.


A user can subscribe to the newsletter to get regular updates from the site.


The admin can change the look of the site, like change the position of the “widget area”, show or hide “banners” etc.


As you can see config settings hide the widget area from the category section.


Admin can add banners in-home or category page, add templates for the blog creation and about me, new categories or tags are also managed by the admin.




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