Django Appointment System

If you are already registered user then Sign In with your login credentials.
If you are not registered, click ‘Create an account’ button for register with the Appointment system.

Fill this form for register yourself with the Appointment system.
All fields are mandatory.
You cannot enter if email is already registered with us.
Password must be 8 character alphanumeric.
Username should be unique.

Select date, service type, mall, service man.

Select appointment time.
Dark black colour boxes are for available for booking.
Grey boxes are already booked appointments.

Confirm selected time slot and add to cart.

All your appointments from different time will be added to cart.
Select checkbox to checkout for booking order.

Choose option for payment and cash or online payment.

After clicking make payment button you will redirect to payment gateway page.
Fill the details of payment card and proceed.

You will get this message if transection completes without any interruption.

You will get this email after your slot get booked.

User can check all orders and their payment status.

All orders will be shown to employee from All orders menu.


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