Create Sales Order from OpenERP Point of Sale (POS)

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Its been so long that we haven’t post any new blog. Here is one good OpenERP blog related to a feature in Point of Sale.

We have implemented a feature in OpenERP Point of Sale that will allow user to create a Sales Order directly from Point of Sale.

You can see in following screen, there are two buttons “Select Customer” and “Create Sales Order”.
For demo purpose, we have added few products in Order List on the left side.

Sales order button on POS

Now once we select customer, and click on “Create Sales Order” button, in the backend, Sales Order will be created in quotation and popup message will be raised with newly created Sales Order number.

Sales order created from OpenERP POS

Here is the created sales order visible in list view.

OpenERP Sales Order tree view

We can see the selected products from Point of Sale and total amount, customer here as well.

OpenERP Sales Order


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