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Busting the five myths of cloud computing

HP argues that virtualization is not the only step to do cloud, cloud is also for business critical applications, private cloud is not […]

A Startup Hopes to Help Computers Understand Web Pages

Diffbot aims to make it easier for apps to read Web pages the way humans do – Diffbot’s visual learning technology can identify […]

How Google managed to get all your private data and got away with it

Secrets spilled across the computer screen. After months of negotiation, Johannes Caspar, a German data protection official, forced Google to show him exactly […]

What does a cloud offer? – Cloud: What is it?

Cloud has myriad of definitions, but one thing is clear that the IT industry is largely accepting it as the next phase of […]

SAP teams-up with Amazon Web Services – To offer customers cloud-based option for mobile device and application management

SAP AG (SAP) announced that SAP Afaria mobile device management solution is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, at Sapphire Now, […]

Social media growth falling in India: Gartner report

India may be embracing latest technologies like mobility and cloud, but factors like privacy concerns and cultural fabric could restrain social media growth […]

Apple to drop Google Maps from upcoming mobile platform iOS 6

Apple will drop Google Maps from its upcoming mobile platform iOS 6 in favour of its own mapping system, it was reported Friday. […]

Linux OS is no longer a geeks-only zone and good for a normal user

In the battle of the desktop operating systems (OS), there are only three dominant players left – Windows, Mac and Linux. At some […]

How Internet detectives, and others, find out where you live

An explosion of people checking into social networks is being exploited by mobile application makers and private detectives, who say they can use […]

IEEE revises 802.11 standard

IEEE 802.11-2012 is the fourth revision of the standard to be released since its initial publication in 1997 IEEE announced the publication of […]

Social media stress? There’s an app for that

Nestle, purveyor of the decades-old KitKat snack, has launched an app it says addresses a growing problem among young social media users — […]

Google launches app Vault in India

Google on Tuesday launched its app Vault for business customers in India. The new app aims to offer a solution for managing information […]

Many Facebook users unaware of privacy risks: report

Many users of Facebook are unaware of the privacy risks from the massive social network site or fail to take adequate precautions, a […]

Twitter, an awe-inspiring story for SMEs

Twitter is growing fast at over 1.123 million accounts per day, which amounts to more than 13 new accounts per second. So, as […]