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Odoo 9 Website: Terms & Conditions

Click here to download from Odoo Apps First we have to configure Terms & Conditions from company form. If Terms & Conditions feature […]

Odoo – Loyalty Management

We have improved our existing loyalty system and make lots of enhancement. In new system, referral customer and employee will be tracked and […]

OpenERP Point of Sale: Product return from POS Interface

Click here to download from Odoo Apps Here is the video link for the same feature: Product Return from POS Video OpenERP Point […]

OpenERP integration with BluePay

Recently we have made integration with OpenERP with Authorize.net for payment services. Now we have integrated OpenERP with another Payment services, BluePay. We […]

OpenERP Subscription module introduction

In our routine business life, sometimes it requires to generate some documents automatically. OpenERP has a great module for that kind of requirement […]

OpenERP 7 with SSL on Ubuntu 12.04

Lets assume that apache and required packages are installed on system. There are some commands needs to execute to run OpenERP on SSL. […]

Configure multiple shops in OpenERP Point of Sale

How to configure multiple shops when we are dealing with OpenERP Point of Sale. We may have multiple shops with single warehouse in […]

OpenERP Point of Sale, Delivery Order: Assign unique serial # for product

In our routine business, we might face situation like we may have to assign unique product serial number or production lot number during […]

How to change currency globally in OpenERP 7.0

Here we are discussing about a common currency problem which we are facing many times. We are installing OpenERP, creating database and install […]

Configure OpenERP with NGINX and GUNICORN

NGINX (engine x) is an open source web server and a reverse proxy server for HTTP, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols. Gunicorn ‘Green […]

Disable Decimal Points in OpenERP

Sometimes it may requires that you don’t want to see number with decimal into OpenERP. OpenERP is using “Float” datatype everywhere and it […]

How to configure payment terms in OpenERP ?

I am going to share an interesting topic here related to Payment terms in OpenERP. Payment term is the way to configure payment […]

How to configure product in OpenERP ?

While discussing about Sales or Purchase in a business, Product comes into picture always. Product is playing major role in any type of […]

How to load different languages into OpenERP ?

As we all know that OpenERP is a multilingual ERP system. We can add as many languages as we want. Each user may […]

How to configure Pricelist in OpenERP ?

Pricelist is just an option by which we can set the price for particular product with some additional calculation like taxes. http://youtu.be/Zq5U7i0u4WE

How to configure Request for Quotation in OpenERP ?

Today I am going to post a new OpenERP functional video. My topic is Request for Quotation. For each business deal, we need […]

How to configure SMTP in OpenERP ?

I am writing this blog because when I got any questions in my mind I simply search it on google. I guess its […]