Major enterprise and manufacturing companies use the ERP system for the supply chain management. Also, they keep track of all moving parts from purchase, manufacture, and distribution through ERP. It stores all the data into a single database and facilitates all the departments to work on it. Furthermore, it brings inventory, supply chain, customer management, accounting, and human resources in the roof of one system.

This case study discusses how Acespritech implements the Odoo ERP system for a Healthcare company by streamlining their workflows and bring valuable insights.

Client Background

Uteshiya Medicare is an India-based foremost orthopedic implant manufacturer & supplier company approved by FDA and ISO 13485:2003. The company is committed to developing the most trusted medical device globally. 

Scope of Work

Uteshiya aimed to implement centralized ERP Software to manage all processes, including purchasing, stock management, manufacturing, Sales, Accounts, projects management, and quality assurance.

Challenges We Faced

We meet many problems while implementing the Odoo ERP for Uteshiya Medicare. A few of them were as follows.

  1. Integration of Various Processes: Every department had its flexible workflow and processes, which were not revised for a long. Also, many of their processes were outdated. Smoothen their processes and integrating them was a significant issue. 

2. Data Migration without any Data Loss: Uteshiya used various software along with physical records for different purposes. Extracting data from a mixture of formats and restoring them in a meaningful waywas a major threat.

3. Adaptability of Team

4. QA Pr

Solutions We Offered

Acespritech understood the business needs of Uteshiya Medicare and its challenges deeply and recommended various solutions. We also helped them choose the best possible solution, keeping their budget and time required in mind.

Our experts successfully implemented Odoo ERP at Uteshiya Medicare by prioritizing their requirements. We offered a complete supply chain management solution by addressing production planning, material management, inventory management, equipment management, rejection analysis, quality control (for purchasing and production both), and dispatch analysis.

Moreover, this ERP implementation helped the top management and stakeholders bring essential insights quickly  and transparency across the organization.

Also, we helped Uteshiya Medicare in setting up complete workflow and trained their employees to use and maintain the ERP.

Our agile approach facilitated Uteshiya Medicare to meet their compliance requirements, and we also got their regular feedback to build high-quality solutions.