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Magento 2 Auto Delivery Extension

This extension can automatically book your product on scheduled time. It reduces customer time. Extension Configurations from Admin Side: Go to Store->Configuration->Aspl->Auto Delivery [...]

Magento 2 Share Cart Functionality

Share Cart Extension provides cart item sharing functionality with customers. They can share cart products with other customers and they can see the [...]

Flutter Tablet Application for Restaurant with Odoo

Restaurant Application - Waiter Relying on your waiter’s memory is unreliable and using pen-paper is slow. Manage table orders smartly with Waiter POS [...]

Flutter Desktop Application for Restaurant with Odoo

Restaurant Application Cashier POS systems are quickly replacing traditional cash registers because of their convenience and ease of use.There must be a Cashier [...]

How Can You Schedule Custom Cron In Magento2?

CronJob is one of the most important Magento 2 features.It helps you schedule and run certain tasks on your server. Cron jobs are [...]

Significant Advantages Of Using Odoo As Backend With Different Mobile Technologies

Odoo is one of the easiest software companies use. This platform includes hundreds of business apps like accounting, inventory, CRM, eCommerce, POS, MRP, […]

Android – Call Recording App

Call Recording App is available for various handsets. You can always try our free version before opting for the premium one. Users need [...]

Android – Trim Audio

Trim Audio feature auto records calls and trim the audio recorded for a particular time and save in the phone storage. Features: Make […]

Android – Barcode Scanner

 Barcode scanner feature use for barcode product quick add to cart and checkout order. Features: Product Scan via Barcode scanner Show Detail […]

Magento – RMA

A returned merchandise authorization (RMA) can be granted to customers who request to return an item for replacement or refund Configuration On the […]

Magento – Gift Wrapper

Magento Gift Wrapper Extension How to Configuration To configure general extension settings please go to Gift Wrap → Configuration     Create/Edit Gift Wrap Select […]

Android Applications for Retail (Odoo V14)

  Features of Retail Application: Highlights: Offline System Supporting Printer type – Wi-fi, Bluetooth & USB Connect with Multiple Printers Simultaneously Self-order by […]

Android – Zebra Label Print App

  Welcome to Zebra Label Print Application. This application is built in android native which makes it highly performative. Here users can print […]

Django Blog (VLOGER)

  Welcome to the VLOGER. This website is built in Django which makes it secure and highly performative. Here Authors can create blogs […]

Android – Sales App V14

  Brief About Acespritech Sales App V14: Acespritech Sales application allows us to connect with Odoo and help to manage and improve sales […]

Android – CRM for Odoo V14

  Brief About Odoo CRM: Odoo CRM allows businesses to focus on their company’s relationships with customers. Acespritech’s CRM delivers functionalities to help […]

Django – eCommerce Website

  Welcome to our single vendor, easy to use, easy to manage, and a responsive E-commerce platform developed in Django platform which includes […]

Android Applications for Restaurant (Odoo V13)

  Cashier Application Main Screen Table Selection Connected Device Information Kitchen Orders Self Orders Created by Customers General Settings Printer Settings Payment Customer […]

Magento 2 – Customer Order View

  Customer Order List View  Filter For Order Search ( By Order Id, Product Name, and Date ) Click on The ‘Reorder’ Button […]

Django Zebra Printer Application