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Odoo POS Scale

  Features Scale Screen Multi Scale Screen Prerequisite Packages Open Terminal From “node backend” Folder in the App Folder. You can copy this […]

Django Covid19 – Dashboard App

  Plotly made Covid19 Dashbaord app User can view all information User can view Bar Graph User can filter new case view User […]

Django Report App

  Report Details View : In Django app, we have provide 3 different types of report like CSV, PDF, EXCEL. If you need […]

WordPress Contact Form

  Contact Form is your completely free and completely expandable form builder plugin for WordPress. It makes it easy to set up and […]

WooCommerce Advance Product Gallery

  It is an extremely user-friendly WooCommerce product gallery plugin for your e-commerce site. This plugin is for change product gallery layout. Horizontal […]

WooCommerce Email PDF Invoice

  The ASPL Email PDF Invoice facilitates the invoice pdf generation and the download from the order page for the admin and user […]

WooCommerce Autocomplete Checkout Address

  This plugin user for Woocommerce checkout address fields. This will help you to find address in google. Click here to download Features:- […]

WooCommerce Product Badges

  Make your website more attractive with badges inviting customers to buy. this plugin helps to display product as ‘new’ label and product […]

Customer Feedback System for WordPress/WooCommerce

  ASPL Feedback System Plugin will help you to get the genuine and valuable feedback from your potential user. This will play a […]

WooCommerce Product Quotation

  Click here to download Features:- Product quote request submission for logged-in users only. Provides a customizable form for users to submit a […]

WooCommerce Product Question and Answer

  Click here to download Features:- Let your users ask a question on specific WooCommerce products. Let your users answer a question on […]

Woocommerce Advance Report

  Woocommerce Advance Report plugin shows you all sales and order information in one report dashboard in very easy to understand graph view […]

Odoo Human Resource Chrome Extension

  A chrome extension (browser extension), also called a plug-in, it enhanace browsing experience. This extension connects with Odoo ERP and simplify daily […]

How to install ERPNext in Ubuntu ?

  Install ERPNext :- Step1: Use upgrade command to actually installs newer versions of the packages. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade […]

Odoo Customer Feedback System

  Click here to download the module How to Use:- In Feedback > Configuration > Template, configure the template.. Into Template configure all […]

Magento Favourite Product

  Features:- You can add Multiple folders in My Favourites. Easily Add products to My Favourites folders using click on popupbar. You can […]

Magento Product Label

  Features:- You can add product Label as per your requirements. Multiple product Label facility. Easily add Product Label into Product during Add […]

Android Tablet Application for Odoo POS

  Login Screen POS Opening Balance Customer Kanban View Customer List View Product Kanban View POS Main Screen POS Order List POS Payment […]