Apple may attempt to push Android Tabs off market

In an attempt to counter the burgeoning number of Android Tab market, tech giant Apple is releasing an ”iPad Mini” at a loss-making price of around 150 pounds. The low priced tablet will even feature the same ”Retina” display featured on its big brother, iPad 3, bringing the same 3.1million pixels to a smaller 7-8″ display. With the screen as a premium feature, it is likely Apple would have to compromise on other parts of the tablet, such as reduced storage space of, for instance, 8GB for apps, videos and music. According to the Daily Mail, tech analysts claimed that if such a stance in adopted by Apple, the firm might have to take a serious cut to its margins, if not sell the Mini at a loss. “Considering the kind of cash Apple has on hand, though, it might be willing to take the hit just to help kill-off competition from Android tablets,” IMore was reported, as saying. However, it expected to appeal people who want an iPad for casual browsing and occasional use of apps and movies, but are not willing to shell out 400 pounds for the bigger brother.

Source: The Financial Express

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