Android POS Dashboard V12


How to use

User can login with Odoo Url, username, password and Odoo V12 database.

Login Page

User can see various details like sale, sold products, orders, active sessions, salesperson name who sold highest today, hours in which highest sales, average customer spending and visit as per last 30 days.

Home Page

User can see customer’s ratio about orders with new customer, orders with existing customer and orders without customer.

Customer Ratio

User can see top 10 customer’s no. of orders and sales details.

Top 10 Customer

User can see top 10 salesman’s no. of orders and sales details.

Sale by Salesman

User can see top 5 products by quantity.

Products by Quantity

User can see top 5 products by amount.

Top 5 Products by Amount

User can see top 5 categories by quantity.

Categories by Quantity

User can see top 5 categories by amount.

Top 5 Categories by Amount

User can see monthly sales report.

Monthly Sale

User can see yearly sales report.

Yearly Sale

User can see sales and order details according it’s status.

Sales by Status

User can see hourly comparison of today and last 7th day of week.

Hourly Sale Comparison

User can see hourly sale by today or selected date.

Hourly Sale

User can see weekly sales comparison of current week with last week.

Weekly Sales Comparison

User can see sales and order details of current week by weekdays.

Weekly Sales Report

User can see payment information according to various accounting journal.

Payments by Journals


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